My presumptuous predictions for Christina Aguilera’s Liberation Tour

In the middle of last week, Christina Aguilera announced the first 22 dates of her Liberation Tour on Twitter. This marks the 37-year old’s first headlining tour in a whopping 11 years. Her last tour, the Back to Basics Tour, played nearly 80 shows from 2006 to 2007.


Christina’s 2010 tour, the Bionic Tour, was supposedly postponed due to alleged difficulties with production and rehearsal scheduling, but it really cancelled due to poor ticket sales. Had it played, the show would’ve been opened by Leona Lewis, the forgotten “Bleeding Love” singer who had signed as the opening act.

But it’s no matter, since Christina’s fans, the Fighters, will now be able to see the “Dirrty” singer live on her own headlining tour again for the first time in over a decade. The Liberation Tour will start in Miami, Florida on September 25 this year and travel through the US till November. There aren’t any dates outside the US yet, but if sales prove satisfying, I’m sure Christina will be touring other nations as well.

In the mean time, fans can only speculate the set list of this Liberation Tour, and I have a few predictions, in decreasing order of certainty:

“Beautiful” and “Fighter” will close the show again

Christina loves putting these two classics at the encore of her shows. This includes the Back to Basics Tour and the one-off shows she’s performed around the world in recent years, such as her 2016 show in Morocco. I’m quite certain she’ll close the show with “Beautiful” and “Fighter” again.

The set list will be 17-18 songs

Excluding video interludes, both the Stripped and Back to Basics Tours played 17 songs. I’m guessing Christina will keep to that amount again. She hasn’t had any essential hits since 2006 anyway.

Half the set list will come from Liberation

I’m making a wild guess that she’ll load up 50% of the show’s runtime with new music. After all, she must be pretty bored of singing the same usual songs all the time.

She won’t perform the hits where she’s a featured act

I’ve a hunch she’s not going to bother with “Moves Like Jagger” and “Feel This Moment.” She doesn’t even sing the entire song to begin with.

She’ll bring back “Can’t Hold Us Down”

Christina was a feminist way before feminism became popular, and her 2002 feminist anthem, “Can’t Hold Us Down,” couldn’t be more relevant today. The fourth single from Stripped is sure to make it to the Liberation set list.

She’ll do “Say Something” solo

The 2013 duet with A Great Big World was responsible Christina’s first and only Grammy this decade. Given how critically acclaimed the song is, I’m certain she’ll include a solo rendition for the upcoming tour.

She’ll only perform “Not Myself Tonight” from Bionic

If we’re lucky, maybe she’ll do “You Lost Me” too, but given the tons of ballads in her catalog, I think she’ll only adopt Bionic‘s lead single, which is barely three minutes long onstage (she often shortens the unsung outro.) But who knows, maybe she might not even do “Not Myself Tonight,” given EDM sound out of place with Liberation‘s sound (pure speculation: Liberation isn’t even out yet.) Finally, I’m dead sure she won’t do the title track “Bionic”. Please don’t. It’s awful.

She won’t perform any song from Lotus

Lotus was quite rush-released, and none of the songs were particularly good. In line with my uncertainty for “Not Myself Tonight,” it’s hard to fathom Christina picking “Your Body” and “Let There Be Love,” even if they are mindless party bangers.

Other predictions

I’m also guessing that Christina will bring back her first three number-ones (i.e. “Genie in a Bottle,” “What A Girl Wants” and “Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)”, “Dirrty” from Stripped and “Ain’t No Other Man” from Back to Basics.

Alas, all these are mere fan-intuitive speculations by yours truly. We’ll only find out on September 25 when Christina debuts the Liberation Tour in Florida!


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