Christina Aguilera hasn’t fallen yet, actually tops iTunes with “Fall in Line”

Well, that’s truly a shocker. “Fall In Line”, Christina Aguilera’s third pre-album offering from the upcoming Liberation, has actually topped the American iTunes chart about a day after its release.

It’s quite bizarre to think that this decade would actually see the Bionic singer send a song to #1 on iTunes as its lead artist.


The empowering duet, which features Demi Lovato, must have been propelled by her army of fans (the “Lovatics”), because Christina’s lead single “Accelerate” and promotional single “Twice” struggled to ascend iTunes. “Accelerate” even debuted at #24 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, the most dismal start for any of Christina’s album lead singles.

Like with “Twice”, I won’t discuss the new song’s sonic merits (or lack of) for now; there’s always a comprehensive album review for that, plus my opinion may have changed by then.

More importantly, the status quo of “Fall in Line” is currently ambiguous: is it just another weekly promotional single meant to generate buzz before Liberation’s mid-June release, or is it an actual full-fledged single?

Demi herself referred to it as a single when she wrote an excited tweet about the song, but that doesn’t really mean anything since a promo single is technically considered a single too.

That said, both Christina and Demi are slated to perform the song live at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday; Christina hasn’t announced any plans to perform “Accelerate”, effectively ignoring it the way she did with 2012’s “Your Body” (no matter, because “Accelerate” was horrible anyway).

Additionally, to coincide with “Fall In Line”‘s release, James Corden just released a previously-unseen bonus scene of his Carpool Karaoke session with Christina, where both of them belt the new song on the go. Her appearance on Corden was filmed about a month ago, so all this was planned in advance.

Is “Fall In Line” meant to be the second full-fledged single from Liberation? If so, why even release “Accelerate”, which severely wasted everyone’s time and effort buzzing over that disappointing song?

If anything, I’m sure the song will be pushed as an actual single now that it’s made number-one on iTunes. I even made a screenshot because it still feels surreal.


UPDATE: RCA Records are reportedly pushing “Fall in Line” to adult contemporary radio. They will service the single (yes, it’s now a full-fledged one) to pop radio in mid-June.


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